Active Trade

Active Trade can be use in sites that offer goods for trading or sites that offer services.

Example 1: Offer items for trade.

  1. A Seller registers and list their items for trade
  2. Buyers register in order to place a bid
  3. Seller selects the winning Buyer.
  4. The Winner (or winners) is automatically informed as soon as the Seller makes a sellection.

Example 2: Look for Services

  1. A Client wants a web designer to develop his a web site.
  2. Client registers as a Buyer and list all his website requirements.
  3. A Web Designer then registers in order to bid for the Project.
  4. The Client can then selects the winning Web Designer that he feels offer the best price/quality offer.
  5. The Winner is automatically informed as soon as the Client makes a selection.


  • Define unlimited depth and number of categories
  • Scalable - uses Access of MS SQL database
  • User Registration and Authentication
  • Provides Users with an Account to add and edit listing.
  • E-mail and Password security
  • Advertiser Banner Management Module
    • create advertiser profile
    • define multiple campaign per advertiser
    • define campaign start and ending period
    • set maximum impression banner rotation automatically stops if maximum impression is reached or campaign period ends upload banners directly to web server from your browser
    • advertiser can login and view daily campaign reports online
  • Advance Search Features
    • search by category
    • search all words
    • highlighted searches
  • Administrator Approval before Listing
  • Most Popular Links
  • Most Popular Category
  • Links submitted by Resource Person
  • Know What's New Overall and Per Category
  • View Most Popular Link Overall and Per Category
  • Newsletter
    • Web-based Newsletter entry and sending
    • Resumes sending when interrupted
    • Saves Newsletter History
    • Add or Delete Subscribers
    • Confirm Subscription
    • Unsubscribe module
  • Tell a Friend
  • Style Sheets Classes
  • Category Links Menu NavBar


  • Private Assembly DLL only
  • Customization Fee $80/hour
  • 2 months free upgrade
  • Includes the full source code
  • Customization Fee $40/hour
  • 6 months free upgrade
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